Fruit Fly
Bottle Top Trap

Reusable Non-Toxic Indoor/Outdoor Catcher


A good-looking way to catch fruit flies.


Set Up

Setting your the trap is simple. Finding the right bait and cleaning up the area are the keys to sucess.



Upcycle and reuse.


About Us

We’re two friends from Seattle, who enjoy a good glass of wine. Unfortunately, fruit flies also like to imbibe. After many years of building DIY paper and saran wrap solutions, we decided to create a reusable trap that can easily convert your bottles into fruit fly catching machines. It’s nothing revolutionary, just a straightforward tool for you to have more time enjoying your drink and less time battling pests.

It’s a fruit fly thing

This simple device allows the hygienic removal of flies without coarse chemicals, sticky paper, streaks or handling dead flies. The trap eliminates fruit flies to prevent further reproduction and reproduction.

Safe and Easy

Made with food grade silicon. Setup in Minutes. Non-toxic.

Compact Size

Allows inconspicuous use and easy storage. No need for ugly countertop additions.


Easy to wash. Disposal merely requires recycling the bottle. No mess or waste.

Simple attachment

Fits most glass wine, beer, soda, or water bottles.