Fly On In, Fruit Fly Bottle Top Trap

  • Easily and safely eliminates fruit flies.
  • Simple attachment ‐ Fits most glass wine, beer, soda, or water bottles (not included).
    Lures flies to enter through a small opening and prevents escape.
  • Attracts flies discreetly ‐ A good-looking way to catch fruit flies and gnats in kitchens, bars, or
    restaurants. Compact size allows inconspicuous use and easy storage.
  • Reusable ‐ Made with durable food grade silicon. Easy to wash. Disposal merely requires
    recycling the bottle.
  • Eco Friendly ‐ Non-toxic and natural pest control. Add bait in a repurposed container of your choice.

Product Description

Pesky fruit flies driving you crazy? These pests are a common nuisance in household, commercial, and outdoor settings. The Fly-on-In trap captures fruit flies in a quick, effective, and inconspicuous manner. The flexible silicon trapping funnel inserts into most standard glass wine, beer, soda or water bottles (may also fit select plastic containers).


  • 1.  Leave a small amount of your drink in a bottle (not included) or fill with your bait of choice. Recommended attractants: banana, wine, apple cider vinegar.
  • 2.  Insert the cork trap into the top of the bottle and place wherever the pests are hanging out.
  • 3.  Recycle the bottle… don′t forget to remove the cork trap.
  • 4.  Reuse again and again.

This simple device allows hygienic fly removal without gross chemicals, sticky paper, strips or handling of dead flies. The trap eliminates fruit flies to prevent further breeding and multiplying. Perfect for kitchens, bars, and restaurants. Also easily portable, great for a fly free picnic.

No mess or waste, Chemical Free, Eco Friendly, Child and Pet safe, Patent Pending Design